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I have always sung, and believe that the Voice is a very expressive instrument.  I offer lessons that encourage the use of material chosen by the pupil as well as myself and encourage a broad range of music in a vocal repertoire, from classical to contemporary, from religious to jazz.

With 100% exam success from pupils, here is an opportunity to take your voice to the next level.  Whatever genre you enjoy singing can be accommodated, as well as studying set pieces for exams.

But exams aren't everything, there is a lot of technique to singing which can assist not only with music, but also confidence.  Taking your voice out to an audience is an important part of being a singer, whether this be with a choir or as a soloist.  The role of local music festivals are very important in the development of a vocalist, and all pupils are encouraged to take part in them.

The best singers are those that can sing all different types of songs.  To this end a broad range of vocal music is offered.  Genres covered are Ballads, Contemporary, Country, Folk, Jazz, Opera, Oratorio, Religious, Show Songs and many more.

For an opportunity to further your singing or discover your voice, please get in touch.