The Caithness Music Monster

Music For All - It's Never Too Late To Learn

Have you ever thought about trying something new, artistic and creative? Take up music lessons from a qualified teacher.

From a very early age, music has shaped my life and it is my hope to share this gift of music with all who have a wish to learn. I teach music privately but have also taught and conducted a school orchestra. As well as teaching children it is my view that it's never too late to take up music and that people are never too old to learn. I have experience of teaching all ages.

As it is sometimes hard to fit in music lessons with school or work, I have a wide range of times available across the week. My hope is to teach at whatever time is convenient to you and work on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. I will do my best to find a time that will accommodate every pupil. Sessions are available to pupils who wish to have music as a hobby as well as to those who wish to study for exams.

I believe music should be creative and enjoyed, and, above all, that it should be available to everyone. I'm proud to offer the people of Caithness such an opportunity.